How To Create Recycle Bin On USB Flash Drive

By · Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

How to Create USB Drive Recycle Bin Between videos, songs, pictures and documents, the gigs can pile up quickly on your custom USB drive.  While many flash drives hold more data than you realize, you may be inclined to routinely delete files as a way to stay organized or free up room for larger downloads.  Maybe you just go click-crazy when it comes to purging old data.

However, there are bound to be times when you regret clicking “Delete” on your USB drive.  Just think of all the instances where your PC or Mac recycle bin has stepped in as a complete lifesaver.  Without a flash drive recycling bin, your data is typically deleted straight from the device or moved into the recycling bin of the computer you are working on.

This can pose two potentially big problems.  First, if the computer you are using is public or shared, you may not be able to retrieve it if it’s emptied by another user or administrator.  Second, recovering deleted flash drive files can become a lengthy, involved process that is not always easy for the average user.

Enter the wonderful world of portable USB apps.  It is in fact possible to download a portable recycle bin to your flash drive within just a few minutes.  One free software tool is called iBin (yet ironically it’s designed only for Windows) and it can be easily downloaded to your desktop from a ZIP file and extracted for use from the EXE.  The EXE file can then be copied to your USB drive where it will appear as a folder on your flash drive (and icon on your system’s tray).  It only takes up a small amount of storage space when loaded to your device—about 700KB.

Once it’s on your USB flash drive, it immediately acts as a safeguard against deletion.  When you go to click “Delete” on a file, your old confirmation popup window is replaced by a window that asks if you want to dump the data into the iBin.  When the file is placed in the iBin, it can be restored for future access and use.

iBin USB Recycle Bin

The USB flash drive iBin can be customized to fit the way you manage your data.  You can adjust the size of the recycle bin or modify how files are restored to normal.  The deletion process and auto-cleaning features can also be changed to suit your needs.

Do you think a portable recycle bin on a USB flash drive is useful?  Tell us why or why not.

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