USB Tablets: Why the iPad 2 struck out while others hit a Home Run

By · Monday, March 7th, 2011

USB TabletsThe tablet PC season is in full swing this week as Apple announced the release of its second generation iPad, the iPad 2. The new iPad is thinner, lighter, and faster than the first generation iPad and has plenty of new features that will make customers lining up out the door to have one. But after the unveiling, many customers are wondering where their USB port is?

A USB port has been rumored for the iPad 2 for months and although it was just a rumor, many people believed it would actually be true due to the publicity and the wide spread coverage media coverage. The USB rumor was fed by the fact that other competing tablets were debuting with USB ports and it would only be logical that Apple followed suit; but unfortunately it seems that Apple missed the memo.

It is unclear as to why Apple has decided to not incorporate a USB port into the new iPad’s design as it was one of the most requested features for the first generation. Some believe it’s because the new design is too thin for a USB port, other believe it’s because Apple wants to control how the tablet is used. But whatever the case, only Apple knows exactly why USB connectivity was thrown out.

We feel this to be a major mistake on Apple’s part as USB devices are found all over the world, in every country, and numbering in the billions! USB devices have become the primary way for people to transport and store information such as music, videos, pictures, etc. But where Apple sees no opportunity, their competition sees a gold mine.

USB tablets such as HP’s Slate Tablet, Toshiba’s Tablet, and Samsungs Galaxy Tablet are just a few that have integrated USB interface into their design. This gives these tablets the ability to transfer or store information onto USB flash drives, external hard drives as well as upload files from these devices as well. If you are a musician, a businessman, a stay at home mom, or even an entrepreneur looking to store your files on the go, USB tablets are much easier to use and don’t force you to use some arbitrary standard that only one company uses.

The iPad 2 truly is revolutionary, but its lack of a USB port cripples it in the eyes of any PC user. Who wants to buy an adaptor, or change formats just to watch a movie they had originally on a USB flash drive? Or who wants to take entire wedding photos, transfer them to a computer, move them into their iTunes folder, sync their device, then wait while your hundreds of pictures get transferred for a second time. Wouldn’t it be much easier to just integrate a USB port and give their customers a feature that should have been on the first iPad? Well iPad 2 competitors have noticed and so have consumers!


By Simone Mangal on March 10th, 2011 at 12:00 pm

As a Mac user I couldn’t agree with you more. I will not buy an Ipad until one appears with a usb port. It is obnoxious to customers to leave it out yet again.

it’s all about their pricing model. if people had external storage, they do not need to pay more for the bigger hard drive. apple has an obvious pricing model which is built on not using external storage.

it is a device unto itself.

I don’t need a USB port and looking at how many IPad’s Apple has sold lots of consumer don’t care at all. You can use Dropbox for example.

If Ipad 2 has no USB port I can’t find a reason for buying it. Sorry Steve you’ve just lost another client 😉