How Hot can a USB Flash Drive Get?

By · Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

How Hot can a USB Flash Drive Get?Like all forms of technology, USB drives can become warm if not hot to the touch through repetitive or prolonged use. As discussed in our recent blog “Why Flash Drives get Hot”, heating up is only natural as is to be expected with all technology. However exactly how hot should a USB flash drive get vs. how hot can it get is another matter. So naturally we took this idea and decided to test it out and see exactly how hot a flash drive could become.

It is well known that not all USB flash drives heat up to the same temperature, so we first had to find a USB drive we knew would heat up to the point where it would become uncomfortable or too hot to handle. We found a drive among the ones we had on hand and it proved to be perfect for our test.

We decided to measure how hot the USB got by testing the USB drive every several minutes until we reached our peak temperature. We accomplished this by first measuring the USB drives temperature at room level; which was 78 degrees Fahrenheit. We then inserted our chosen USB drive into a USB port and then repeatedly transferred files back and forth.

Surprisingly our test USB after only a few minutes shot up to over 90 degrees. We proceeded to continually move large files from our computer to our USB for over 10 minutes, at which point we measured the temperature again. This time we received a reading of 112.5 degrees! That is the equivalent of spending an afternoon here in Arizona during the summer or super heating your spa well above recommended temperatures.

As an added bonus for our readers, and going with the theme of heating up of USB flash drives, we decided to provide a teaser of an upcoming blog. How hot do you think this USB Flash Drive got? Did it survive? Tell us your predictions!

Melted USB Flash Drive


160 degrees and NO