CES Showcase: Corsair USB Flash Drives!

By · Monday, January 17th, 2011

CES Showcase: Corsair USB Flash Drives!Continuing our coverage of all the cool and interesting technology we saw at CES 2011, we bring you none other than Corsair themselves! Corsair, an industry leader in many computer electronics including USB flash drives, power supply units, etc, was present at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show and they did not disappoint.

We had the opportunity to tour the Corsair booth and take a look at all things Corsair. They were displaying multiple computer cases, cooling systems for CPU’s, as well as displaying multiple solid state hard drives and USB drives. One device in particular, a USB drive, caught our eye as it was completely submerged in a clear liquid. The USB we saw was the Corsair Flash Voyager and upon further inspection we noticed that this drive had more to offer than met the eye. The Flash Voyager is a rugged rubberized USB drive that has even been frozen and proven to still function!

Luckily for us a Corsair representative came over, introduced himself and detailed the Flash Voyager as well as several other Corsair USB flash drives. We were lucky enough to have him preview several of the USB drives including the Survivor USB drive; which is an extremely rugged USB drive that is waterproof up to 200 meters, the Padlock USB drive that features a unique hardware combination lock that keeps data save, as well as the Voyager GTR which can reach speeds up to 34MB read and 28MB write!

Check out our interview with Corsair and hear from them what they have to say about their unique USB flash drives.

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