Flix on Stix Rolls Out Nationwide USB Movie Kiosks

By · Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Flix on Stix Rolls Out Nationwide USB Movie KiosksWant to rent a movie without having to return it to a store or kiosk? Not happy with having to wait an extra month after new movie releases to finally watch a “new” movie? Well luckily for you, a new competitor to Redbox, Netflix, and chain store locations has immerged from its initial testing and has decided to bring the movies to you the way it was meant to be.

Flix on Stix is a new company entering the movie kiosk market and is promising to revolutionize the industry. What makes Flix on Stix so much different than its competitors is that instead of using discs, they use flash storage devices such as SD cards and USB flash drives. This new medium for delivering movies seems like rather risky, but Flix on Stix has ironed out all the kinks and promises to bring you safe, secure, and most importantly, great quality movies for no hassle at all!

Flix on Stix is able to accomplish all of this in several ways. The first way is that studios will be able to instantly upload movies to the kiosks and since the movies are stored digitally, there is never a shortage of copies. This benefits the consumer by always having the latest movies as well as making sure no movie is out of stock. As a side benefit for the company, they do not need to send someone to stock new movies or remove old ones; which is a much more eco friendly option.

Next Flix on Stix developed encryption technology to protect both studio and consumer alike. This encryption technology ensures that movies are downloaded onto flash memory devices securely and accurately while virtually eliminating all piracy. This encryption is also used to delete the movie from the flash drive once the purchased time period is up. This means you will never have a late fee, and never have to actually return a movie!

Lastly by distributing movies through flash drives and SD cards, consumers never have to worry about scratched discs again! This problem currently plagues current distribution methods as many customers will return scratched and damaged discs to only end up being rented out to another unwary customer.

Flix on Stix intends on rolling out its first batch of kiosks within the next 90 days for consumers to begin using and plans to have up to 20,000 running within the next year.


If blockbuster had any brains they would buy this company and give redbox a run for the money. But alas, they don’t.