Intel Announces USB 3.0 for 2012!

By · Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Intel Announces USB 3.0 for 2012!When USB 3.0 launched back in late 2009, many people were shocked that Intel, a pioneer of the USB interface, decided that it would not support USB 3.0 until a later date. Many believed Intel would not back USB 3.0 in favor of its own new technology named LightPeak. Well whatever Intel’s reasons for delaying the 3.0 support, it has been officially announced that Intel will begin support for USB 3.0 in an upcoming platform, codenamed Chief River.

Currently, Intel is prompting a release of Chief River’s predecessor, the Huron River, for early next year. Intel a little over a year ago announced that it would hold off support for 3.0 until 2011; however, the Huron River will unfortunately not support USB 3.0 as many fans would have liked to have seen and the adoption will be pushed back even further.

Intel has announced that production for the Chief River will begin in 2011 and will more than likely hit store shelves in either late 2011 or, most likely, early 2012. The Chief River platform will run 22nm Ivy bridge processors and will finally usher in the era of USB 3.0 mass production.

This is excellent news for the retail USB flash drive industry! With Intel’s support, and their massive manufacturing capabilities, the supply of USB 3.0 flash drives will be expected to increase. This increase in manufacturing is also expected to lower the cost of USB 3.0 flash drives both in the retail and bulk markets. This becomes increasingly useful for both consumer and business alike as cheaper prices are great for both!

Although we will have to wait until 2012 for Intel to support USB 3.0, many other manufactures are leading the way and are creating quite a name for themselves in the 3.0 market. 3.0 flash drives, 3.0 hubs, and 3.0 PCI expansion cards are becoming fairly common. Perhaps Intel may be late to the game, but when they join, expect great things!

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