7 Great Tips to Help Your Custom USB Drive Promotion Flop

By · Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

7 Great Tips to Help Your Custom USB Drive Promotion FlopSucceeding in every promotion is more than just a goal, its survival! However not every promotion will be a giant success and there could be many factors that contribute to a promotions downfall, but generally the reason promotions fail is human error. This is partly due to underestimating audience expectations, or simply not caring enough to go the extra mile. So with that in mind below are 7 great reasons that people/companies choose to do that inevitably makes their USB promotion flop, as well as a way to prevent it.

1. No Website or Contact Information: Not putting a website or at least your company’s contact information on your custom usb is the equivalent of jumping off a plane with a ripped parachute. Your promotional USB drives will fly out the door, but we doubt any of your clients will be coming back for a return visit… How are clients supposed to remember where they picked up your flash drive or who to contact for the special promotion offered?

Fortunately there is a simple solution; put your information on your promotional flash drive! If you cannot find room on the outside of the drive to put it, make sure it is on the inside.

2. No Packaging or Accessories: The majority of USB promotions are just that, USB promotions. Many do not include extra accessories, printed materials, or even packaging and if you truly want to see your promotion fail, don’t include anything just mentioned. USB packaging for example, is one of the single greatest things to impress a potential client at a trade show and is often the most overlooked. USB packaging can attract attention from passersby due to its quality and color scheme. For example, think about the last time you were an electronics store, what drew your attention first when looking at a variety of products? Chances are the packaging is what drew your attention to the product over its competitors.

The solution to this problem is to include some USB packaging and, if you can weave it into your budget, USB accessories because everyone wants a bigger value.

3. No Data Preloading: Preloading a USB drive with promotional content is surprisingly not done too often. This could be due to time constraints, development time, etc. but USB preloading goes a long way to converting a client into a long lasting customer. With Preloading you can load up promotional materials such as videos, pictures, PDF files, and any other content you can think of. This allows clients great access to all your products and services with a simple device.

4. USB Shape doesn’t Compliment Company Logo: Ever wonder why your logo on a drive is so small? Chances are the print area for the USB drive you picked doesn’t compliment your logo and in order for the logo to fit, it has to be made smaller. Shrinking logos is never a good idea because it can make your logo look clumped together and in some cases make any text unreadable.

A simple solution would be to increase your printing are and one of the most efficient ways to accomplish this is to pick a USB drive that has the same shape as your logo. For example, if your logo is oval, picking an oval shaped drive would be best.

5. USB doesn’t Compliment Logo colors: Every try to put red on red, or black on black? It never looks good and the same principle applies to promotional USBs. If you are trying to make people avoid your drives, then by all means put your pink logo on a red flash drive; they will walk right on by.

However if you actually want to attract attention, compliment your colors! If your logo is blue, try white or a green. If you have a dark logo, aim for a light colored drive, and vice versa. The goal is to attract attention, not drive clients away.

6. Bad Image Quality + Small Text: Image a little fuzzy or hard to read? Well then your ROI will probably be fuzzy and hard to read as well. In this technological era, people in general don’t want to go back to late 1980’s pixilated style graphics. It’s a simple fact that easy to see and easy to read logos or slogans make it easier for a client to get interested in your drives.

7. Small Data Capacity: The last tip we have for you if you want your next promotion to flop is to get as small of a data capacity as you can. Smaller capacity leads to smaller space for promotional material and even less space/reason for a client to want to use your drive for their own personal use.

By increasing the data size of the USB you cannot only put more material on the drive, but you can have leftover space to allow clients to store their own information on your drives. This affects how long they will likely hold onto your drive for future use.

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