World’s Smallest USB Flash Drive

By · Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

World’s Smallest USB Flash DriveySome things really are good in small packages; in this case it is the World’s Smallest USB Flash Drive! Buffalo Technology, a company known worldwide for their innovative memory solutions, sells a flash drive so small that even experts in the field have trouble believing it is actually a working flash drive.

Buffalo has managed to cram an entire USB flash drive into what looks like to be about the size of a USB dongle. The Drive measures 18 (W) x 18 (H) x 8 (D) mm and this feat of modern technology can store up to an amazing 16GB of data, which is perfect for movies, mp3 files, pictures, data files, etc. When you consider its small stature and high data capacity, this drive tends to leave us speechless.

The drive itself is made from high quality plastic, comes in multiple colors including white, black, and red, as well as comes with a cap with Buffalo’s signature logo. As for the performance of the drive itself, well no information was given but it does run off of USB 2.0 technology and could have a top speed of 20-40mb/s.

For all of us here at Premium USB, this little USB flash drive was extremely impressive. To be able to insert a flash drive and never worry about accidentally hitting it and breaking a USB port was definitely a bonus. If you factor in the small profile, extreme portability, and the high data capacity, Buffalo’s new 5mm 16GB USB Flash Drive has yet again pushed the boundaries of what USBs can accomplish.

However, the World’s Smallest USB Flash drive does not come cheap. The estimated cost for the 16GB 5mm flash drive is around $140, which is enough to burn a hole in anyone’s pocket. But when you factor in the small form factor, large data capacity, color choices, and the limitless possibilities of having a USB drive the size of your thumbnail; then the price may be reasonable.

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