World’s Most Expensive USB Flash Drive

By · Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

World’s Most Expensive USB Flash DriveThere are luxury items, and there are Luxury Items! Luxury Items so over the top and expensive that they turn normal “luxury items” look like a clearance sale. Well today we present our readers the World’s Most Expensive USB Flash Drive!

The Mnemosyne USB flash drive is so luxurious, so expensive, that it has earned itself the title of World’s Most Expensive USB Flash Drive. For those wondering, the name Mnemosyne is the personification of Memory in Greek.

Now you would expect for the price tag that this flash drive would be made out of gold, covered in precious gems, topped with diamonds; but it’s not! It is however, hand crafted out of solid aluminum and is polished to a mirror finish by Toshi Satoji Design. The Mnemosyne doesn’t sound too exciting, but unlike most flash drives, this USB drive comes with a few special features that are unique to its design.

At first glance, the Mnemosyne looks like an oversized USB cube, but upon further inspection you will notice that the cube is actually a puzzle. In order to actually get your hands on the USB portion of this flash drive, you first must solve the puzzle and reveal the USBs hiding place.

The flash drive holds up to 16GB worth of information which is pretty low considering the $10,000 price tag, but it has plenty of space for pictures, data files, and a couple movies. Of course after your done using the flash drive, putting the puzzle back together may prove to be more difficult than originally expected.

The Mnemosyne can be found over at Solid Alliance, and is made to order. What do you think? Are the features of the Mnemosyne worth the $10,000 price tag or what do you think would warrant at price tag that high? Sound off Below.

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