Differences in Flash Chip Quality

By · Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Differences in Flash Chip Quality ExplainedPromotional USB flash drives come in all shapes, colors, sizes, and capacities, but what most people don’t know is that they also come in varying chip quality as well. Much like automobiles, you have flash chips that are super quality and high price, all the way down to low quality but high value.

But exactly what are these differences, how can they affect me, and which one should I get? Well below are the differences between the grades of flash media and what they represent in terms of your promotional campaign.

High Grade

High grade flash chips could be considered the BMW or Ferrari of the flash chip world. These chips have very low failure rates, longest life spans, and are made from the top materials. Generally, these flash chips are made by none other than Samsung themselves. Samsung has proven to make the best quality flash chips for years and have perfected their methods to keeping their quality the highest in the industry.

However, this higher quality does come with a higher price tag. Samsung drives do not come cheaply and if you are looking for simply the cheapest chips, these are not for you. But if you are looking for high quality flash chips for a high end or high quality product, then Samsung flash chips is the way to go.

For promotional uses, these chips are also ideal for those who really value customer relations. If you are in the business of gaining, maintaining, and promoting personal to business relationships, then these high grade chips are probably the best for these relationships.

Original Grade

Original grade flash chips are produced by a wide variety of manufactures and are the most common flash chips you see on the market today. These chips are used for promotions, give-aways, and industry gatherings. It is also not uncommon to see these drives at tradeshows as they are high enough quality to last for years, but cheap enough to not break budgets.

The brands usually found in this level of flash chip are Samsung, Intel, and Hynix and are medium priced as to be not too high, or not too low. All of these companies test their chips before being sent out to customers or other users to prevent dead on arrival chips. These chips have the second lowest failure rates as well.

Low Grade

Low grade chips are usually produced by companies that outside china, almost no one has heard of. This does not mean, however, that these chips bad. These companies offer flash memory just like the big boys such as Samsung, but are able to offer it at a much lower price.

Low grade ships can be found in small gadgets, children’s toys, and even on the business level for tradeshows. These chips are also the most cost effective of the bunch and are the reason why some online company’s prices for flash drives are so much less than their competitions. Low grade chips also have the highest failure rates.

Overall, the level you require for your promotional USB campaign varies. If you are a company like BMW or Ferrari and want to give away your brand new top of the line car’s manual in the form of a flash drive, then High grade is going to be the right choice for you. However, if you are simply promoting business and wish to gain/keep clients, then medium or low grade chips would work perfectly for you as well depending on your budget.

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