Go Green with Eco Friendly Custom USB Flash Drives

By · Monday, December 21st, 2009

Eco Friendly Custom USB Flash DrivesThis time of the year, most people think of holiday ornaments, family, friends, and white snow. But this holiday season, Premium USB is urging our customers to think Green with Eco-Friendly USB drives! Every year tons of paper is used to wrap gifts, make holiday cards, and even made into instruction manuals for all the cool new gadgets, but what if there was a different way. What if there was a paperless solution that would still give you the functionality of paper, but not require a chainsaw and a missing forest to achieve.

This holiday season; why not show your loved ones or your customers that you care to go green despite being white outside? Why not get them eco-friendly flash drives? Flash drives in general can save you hundreds if not thousands of pieces of paper each year by storing your information electronically. This means the next time you have to update a PDF, your resume, or files on a promotional campaign; you don’t need to print out another sheet of paper.

USB drives come in many different shapes, styles and materials. In this case, USB drives can be made from eco-friendly materials such as wood and bamboo that leave less of a carbon footprint than hundreds of pages of paper; equivalent to the amount of files each USB drive can hold. Speaking of files, USB drives depending on the size of the memory, can store thousands to hundreds of thousands of files. Imagine all the trees you could save if all your information for your next promotion were stored electronically.

Eco-friendly flash drives can also come in multiple different colors and can be laser engraved for FREE! Premium USB’s Natural series of eco-friendly drives can come in natural, brown, or red colors depending on the style. All can be laser engraved with a personalized logo or slogan which makes them perfect for promotional campaigns, giveaways, or trade shows. Of course, all Premium USB’s flash drives are wholesale priced so besides saving our green trees, you can save a some green in the wallet as well.

Premium USB is proud to carry a line of green USB drives because not only are they better for our environment, they are the perfect promotional solution this holiday season. If you have any questions about how eco-friendly USB drives can help promote your business, give us a call and talk with one of our expert account representatives. And remember, when you’re wrapping presents this year and you’re surrounded by white snow, think of all the green you could be saving.


By custom usb flash drives on November 9th, 2010 at 11:00 am

That is great that you are able to make eco friendly custom usb flash drives! I love having things that are unique and not everyone else is going to have. It makes me feel more myself. A lot more businesses should think of making custom flash drives for their business, it helps to bring their name or brand out there more and it actually creates something that people can use.