SanDisk Introduces World’s Fastest SD Card

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SanDisk Introduces World's Fastest SD CardSD cards are an essential form of storage in today’s modern world. They are used in digital cameras, smartphones and tablets, laptops, and in embedded systems worldwide. Now, SanDisk has announced the new king of speed: the Extreme PRO¬†SD UHS-II family of SD cards.

With write speeds of up to 250MB/s and read speeds of 280MB/s, these new storage devices have earned the title of World’s Fastest SD Card.

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Toshiba Acquires OCZ Technology, Relaunches as Subsidiary

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Toshiba Acquires OCZ TechnologyIn December, we wrote about the surprising news that OCZ Technology filed for bankruptcy. The company was a major player in the USB flash drive, solid-state drive, and PC memory markets.

Now, the company’s assets have been acquired by rival memory manufacturer Toshiba, who have announced that they will resume operations as OCZ Storage Solutions effective immediately. The new company will operate as a subsidiary of Toshiba and will carry on the OCZ name.

Toshiba completed the purchase of OCZ’s assets on January 21st, according to a press release on the company’s website. The press release also contained this statement from Ralph Schmitt, CEO for OCZ Storage Solutions:

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CES 2014: SuperTalent Introduces USB 3.0 DRAM Disk

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Super Talent Introduces USB 3.0 DRAM DiskWhen it comes to raw performance, few companies in the industry push the envelope as much as Super Talent. This company is famous for making all manner of flash memory products including RAM, Solid-State Drives, RAMdisks, USB flash drives, and other memory-related devices.

We’ve reported on Super Talent’s awesome products in the past, including their USB 3.0 SSD which we saw at CES 2012. This year, we got a glimpse of their new USB 3.0 Express DRAM Disk.

So what is a DRAM Disk and how is it different from a USB flash drive? Well the DRAM Disk is about the same size as a USB flash drive and comes in similar capacities, but the way it works is more like a solid-state drive (SSD). This drive is special because it uses your computer’s system memory, along with special software, to offer insanely fast read/write speeds that far outpace any SSD on the market today.

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CES 2014: Kanex USB 3.0 SimpleDock

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CES 2014 Kanex USB 3.0 SimpleDockWe ran into Kanex at CES 2014 and were impressed by their latest product, a USB 3.0 docking station for the MacBook and iPhone. We took a moment to delve into this product and learn a little bit more about it.

The SimpleDock is a 3-in-1 USB 3.0 docking station and expansion dock for MacBook computers. It provides you with a fast networking experience thanks to its hardwired Gigabit Ethernet port – a critical critical piece of hardware omitted from the MacBook Pro’s design.

The dock also offers access to 3 additional USB devices via its trio of USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports, which is great for hooking up peripherals such as hard drives, flash drives, or even another monitor!


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CES 2014: Corning Introduces Optical Thunderbolt Cables

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Last year at CES, we reported on Corning’s exciting optical cables for USB 3.0. We caught up with Corning again at CES 2014 and learned that the company has recently developed a Thunderbolt version of these cables as well!

Corning is the company behind Gorilla Glass, the super-tough glass that’s found in virtually all of today’s high-end smartphone screens. These guys have taken their knowledge of the properties of glass and used it to develop a line of optical fiber cables for computer users.

Whereas a traditional cable sends electrical impulses down an insulated copper wire, Corning’s cables transmit information as pulses of light through a glass core protected by several layers of cladding. They are ideal for long-distance runs, which has always been a troublesome task for copper cables.

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